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Untested [READ FIRST] Installing Modifications (for Users)


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Here are some really quick tips and tricks as you dive into the possibility of customizing your copy of Intersect with community provided modifications!


Please note that applying git patches modifies your engines source code. Patches can impact performance and introduce bugs into your game. Only install patches from trusted developers!


Please provide developers who share their modifications here with feedback on how their modifications work, any bugs you encounter, and any other comments that you think might help.


Because you are ultimately working with source code edits you will need to apply patches and then build your own custom copies of Intersect.


Make sure you have followed the developers Getting Started guide in order to make sure you have your repo setup and all the required tools before proceeding. 


After you have your Intersect repo and Github setup correctly follow this guide in order to check compatibility and apply Git patches.


After each patch has been applied you will need to compile Intersect again in order to generate updated executables.


Be safe and happy modding!

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