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Defense formulas how to calculate?

Minamoto Yoshitsune


I'm having a hard time solving a recurring problem which is the method by which I will balance the damage of spells with item status. I took 2 tests today.

In the first test I created a skill called poison, where she would give a DPS for 10 seconds, I put 5 as base damage and climbing with 50% of the NPC's AP, in case 5.


The damage of the poison ability in the parameters proposed above was around 6/7 DPS with the character having 15 points distributed in Resistencia Magic.

I equipped a shield that gave + 250 RM status bonus and the skill's DPS was 2, that is, 265 only served to block 30% of the DPS.


I thought it was a bit out of place because my idea is not to have an exorbitant number distributed in the statuses, the way I thought I could solve this was to redo or modify the physical / magic defense formula, but only we are available the attack formulas, so how to solve that?

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