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Conditional animation/light ?



Hey everyone, I was just wondering if it was possible to put an Animation attribute or a Light on the map,  but that would appear only under certain conditions ? 


I know that I could easily do an Event, but I've read that attributes are far better than events resources-wise, so I was just curious about how I could take the minimal amount of resources to do, let's say, a lamp that turns on during night time and shuts off during day time.


If you have another idea on the lightest way possible to do that, I'm all hear.


Thanks in advance ! 

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You can make it easily by using animation editor and event type tile.
1 - Create new animation without sprite, set its light setting as what you want.

2 - Place event to map where you want to put your light, set event animation to your new animation. After add spawn condition to it. Done :14_relaxed:

I don't think there are any other way to do right now sadly. You can't put conditions to map tile attributes.

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