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Closed Alpha World of Taskan


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5% Done

Open Alpha



The world is set in a medieval Kingdom surrounded by forests that are steeped in threats, secrets and legends.
Start by choosing a character. Now that you've created your character in this new world, start developing your character: Find a career as a blacksmith, miner, lumberjack, or a host of others to lay a solid Foundation that opens up many opportunities; Choose from over 50+ spells and expect to master an Arsenal of skills and abilities for combat; Live a luxurious life by buying a house and building relationships with other players; Become an evil force to be reckoned with or a deserved defender of the Kingdom because there are monsters and bandits lurking around the Kingdom and you can join them or face them. After all, you are the master of this world. From humble beginnings to legendary end - an MMO that introduces you to an alternate world in which you live a new life that begins with startling experiences.

Embark on expeditions across vast plains, rocky mountains and unknown seas with old or newfound friends; Evolve to become a ruthless assassin who seeks to defeat legends, a keen traveler who wants to uncover all secrets, or a respected Royal knight destined for glory. With limitless boundaries, you can live, and be any character of your choice and learn unforgettable stories.

Stand with the king against his enemies, help him save the Kingdom from danger or rise up against the king, team up with friends and take his throne!

Across the map there are dangerous monsters that break into the city and kill everyone. Will you fight them and save the city from destruction? Will you help the villains destroy the city, take the throne and cause huge destruction? Or will you just walk by and look from afar? It all depends on you!

Buy weapons from more than 5 different weapons, each of which gives an independent skin depending on the type of weapon!

Explore the map, uncover the secrets of the Kingdom, fight with invincible bosses and get the most powerful treasures!

Get a job from more than 15 interactive tasks, work hard, get experience and money as a reward! Jobs depend on the type of task, money earned, experience earned and working time!




Choose four abilities from 50+ different skill sets with base sets for each. Create your hero Taskan!



Buy from more than 9 houses with different sizes and prices, buy furniture and purchase an elegant house or use it as a secret base for your mercenaries!



Taskan's Dungeon

Dungeon Hora

Iclaomor Dungeon

Alanmont Dungeon



Supplier of Blacksmith: a Blacksmith creates objects, and you deliver.

Courtier: you deliver things from the trainer's room to the blacksmith.

Librarian: do you prefer peace and quiet, a place where you can find everything books... Time to correct misplaced books and return them.

Baker's Supplier: Your job is to make sure the tavern is satisfied, make sure you deliver the order correctly.

Miner: your task is to mine, collect resources inside the mine and sell them. Will you be able to find gold?

Gladiator: Live, love, burn life, kill and survive. Only the strong will stand.

Fisherman: You will catch fish and sell it in the market so that people will not starve without fish.

Grave grave Keeper: You are the grave Keeper, your task is to provide peace to the dead ... Be attentive to the dead ...

Lumberjack: your task is to Cut down trees so that people can feel the warmth of home instead of harsh cold nights.

Bodyguard: You are a bodyguard, the customer asked you to protect him / her from one place to another, if they get to the place alive, you will be paid...

Wine supplier: You are a wine supplier, you deliver wine to Taverns.

Quest Board: on the quest Board, there will be a random request to escort, kill, defend, etc. Useful mainly for adventurers.

Officer: You must maintain law and order in the Kingdom. Protect the city and make sure no crimes have been committed.

Cook: You are a cook, your job is to cook food for the soldiers in the castle.

Alchemist: You are an alchemist, you will make potions of a different type, cooking them will be expensive and can have unpleasant consequences.

Blacksmith: You are a blacksmith, your task is to forge weapons and armor and prepare them for shipment.

Janitor: Clears the streets of garbage for money and makes people happy.

King's guard: Fight for the king's glory!



Taskan Day | Once a year

Team vs team | Every hour

Capture the flag  | Every hour

Last hero | Once a day

Advance of the monsters | 22:00 Daily

Siege Of Taskan | 20:00 Saturday


Mini game:

50 Floors



PVP all

PK all



Instanced dungeon

World Boss



The game is in development, but will be released in Closed beta RU by December


There are kits in the game testers, you can sign up in a private message on the website or in the mail ccetalon@mail.ru


Eu server: Black

Ru server: White

Online RU

Offline EU


Team: Lalak


Client Eng: https://

Client RU: 

Launcher: https://


Ru community: https://vk.com/wotaskan

Eng community: https://facebook.com/


Discord server: https://discord.gg/79zs3S







Alpha game 1%:


















Mini Game:



Update 0.01 Game 1.11.2019

Update client RU 0.01

Update Ru community

Maps Taskan

Mini game maps

NPC traning quest

NPC class

Taskan's Dungeon

NPC 10%

Quest 10%

Skills class

Skills animation 10%

Items icon

Items 10%

Resource icon

Skill 15

Resource spoil and craft


Update 0.02 Release Closed Alpha Test 30.12.2019 

Site World of Taskan

Start Closed beta RU server

Ru client 0.01 | ping 10+

Intro Preview,  Preview Game, Guides

Site RU/EU

Update RU community

Update EU community

Update EU client 0.01

NPC 20%

Skills animation 20%

Dungeon Hora

Iclaomor Dungeon

Alanmont Dungeon

Quest 20%

Items 20%

Craft 20%

Item paperdoll 20%

Starter kit: Standard, Premium, VIP

Advertising and PR server

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