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Help-me with paperdoll



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Just edit your "Config.json" file on the Server folder --> Resources
The lane called "paperdoll"
And order from the first mask (player) to the last mask
If the hair will be first only put

If the helmet be first put

(WHY YOU WILL DO THIS?!?!?!?) hahaha

If you want to show the hair behind the helmet only change this


    "Paperdoll": {
      "Up": [ <--- Make the change on all directions! :862_warning:
        "Player"<--- The first item on your configs will be the first item displayed (All back)
        "Hair", <--- Second behind item displayed
        "Helmet", <--- This helmet will be displayed uppon the hair
        "Boots" <---- The last item on your configs will be the last item displayed (All Front)

Change on all directions! (Up,Down,Right,Left) or you will get a critical error!

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