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Wondering how to fix issues with 4K Screens



Hello everyone, Today I want to share with you an issue that I am running in when building our game it has something to do with the resolution of my laptop I assume.

The game only calculates up to 1920 X 1080 but my screen is 2X 1920X1080 meaning that its doubling the amount of pixels on my screen.


http://prntscr.com/pcihge < My screen resolution


http://prntscr.com/pcihyn < Intersect client launched 


http://prntscr.com/pcii7v <  Issue with menus in editor  (Also cant select any npc types to spawn via the npc button)


http://prntscr.com/pciigx  < NPC interface



Does anyone know how I can add another resolution to the engine that supports my 3840 X 2160 screen resolution?

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