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Password Reset not showing



Hi. I made a Gmail account called DarkestDawnOnline@gmail.com and entered all the STMP settings and the forgot password button still does not show up. I have been restarting the server every time.


  "EventWatchdogKillThreshold": 5000,
  "ValidPasswordResetTimeMinutes": 30,
  "SmtpSettings": {
    "FromAddress": "darkestdawnonline@gmail.com",
    "FromName": "Darkest Dawn Online",
    "Host": "smpt.gmail.com",
    "Port": 587,
    "UseSsl": true,
    "Username": "darkestdawnonline@gmail.com",
    "Password": "-removed-"

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4 minutes ago, AisenArvalis said:

Gmails SMTP port as far as I can see is 465 not 587 if you're using SSL


Changing this made no difference. At the bottom, OpenPortChecker is on anyways.


Edit: is it a problem with my password? I have been using the password to my gmail

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1 minute ago, AisenArvalis said:

I did quite a bit of digging into this and can confirm that the "Forgot Password" option NEVER shows up no matter what I do to the settings.


Exactly - should I file a bug report for this?

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