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Inventory limit



Where do I control the Inventory limit?


I looked in Server\resources\config.json but it says 35.

for some reason I can only get 5 items and can't figure out why it wont receive anything more. 



Edit: nvm realized it's a problem with InventoryWindow.Json, and the items are placed in the inventory far below beyond reach s:

sorry, you guys can lock this post. 

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Edit this file:

Server \ resources \ config.json


  "GameName": "ALMA ONLINE 2.9.9",
  "ServerPort": 5400,
  "UseApi": false,
  "ApiPort": 5400,
  "UPnP": true,
  "OpenPortChecker": true,
  "Player": {
    "MaxStat": 1000,
    "MaxLevel": 100,
    "MaxInventory": 35, <--- (Edit this to wanted value)
    "MaxSpells": 35,
    "MaxBank": 100,
    "MaxCharacters": 5,
    "ItemDropChance": 100


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