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Survival Items [Free for use] ~ By Sweet Candy

Sweet Candy

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On 2017 i made some items for a Survival Game (Like Fallout)
but my time its so short for continue with this proyect
Take this items if you want to use
and create the best Fallout (Intersect Version) who was never made!

i love u guys~


(Some examples):
71c70a4442673d6157da8165261cd856.png c5c3bf3781790b1263199d6e74ae4411.png 3d47c9e65db64e71002319e9a1e83371.png 


(And a few more):


The RAR file:


NOTE: if you like give +1 to me >u<


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They look great! Unfortunately my game is medieval so these weapons won't be useful for me, but I can see a great game made with these!

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