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Closed Beta Avatur island Online MMMORPG


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Dear players,

this is one of the games we are looking forward to release.
It's named Avatur Island Online MMMORPG, made by iAppisBeats.

This game offers you a lot of features, from being an unknown and unimportant farmer to forming tribes with your friends and taking over the whole world!
In this game, you will be able to do the following activities:

basing (and more tribe-activities such as tribe-raids, events, to be published soon enough..) with your tribe and friends

farming, mining, fishing, looting etc

craft your own armory!

and much more!

Just to name some of the activities.

This game will contain a lot of dungeons where you may search for monsters and challenge those.
To fight them, you will need to have armoury such as swords, bows, chest armors, or wands.. yes, you may even be a wizard!

We are working on a complex and huge item set, so that anyone may have another item-set and adjust it just the way you want it to be. Whether your hero should be strong, fast or a defender - is your choice.
There will also be a lore and quests to complete, it'll be a great adventure game on top of that.

Currently, we have no release date but are looking forward to publish this game in near time, this year.

Hope you stay tuned, until this game is released! =)



Currently, I am looking for moderators, admin, pixel art managers, composers etc, then I will be creating the discord server, so if you want to help write it in the comments..


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Are the graphics custom made? if not where is the source as Ive never seen these before.


Also could we see more screenshots or game play? Its hard to get excited from one small picture.


Best of luck!

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