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The Story of Arterial and The Wretched


    The sky is red. Cold rain drops of blood fall from the sky and pierce the ground. The people of the World Above (Earth) are no more. Scattered across the entire world lay the bodies of the departed. This was not the doing of a being that wanted to end all life on the World Above.. this was the doing of a being that wanted to prove that it was of the highest power. There is no more life on the World Above, or so we think. The world ablaze, the ground only soaked in blood, the Saviors come out from under their Cloaks. 


  The Cloaks of Time were items created from the magical gazelles of the Kingdom. These were creatures that were considered to be mythical. The Saviors were the only beings that lived in a magical land that existed separately from the rest of the World Above. Even so, the mythical creatures were not able to reproduce. When the Saviors noticed that their Doomsday Clock came closer to striking the final hour, they knew it was time. Having grown so close to their Gazelles, the Saviors never thought their worst nightmare would come true. The Saviors knew that if the World Above was to produce life once again, they would have to make the greatest sacrifice. The Saviors sacrificed the Gazelle's for their hearts and their fur. Their fur was used to craft the Cloak(s) of Time and the Hearts were used to bring themselves back to life.


   The fire blasts that engulfed the World Above pierced through the Cloaks and scorched the Saviors. The Saviors, under their scorched Cloaks, remained alive. The sacrifice was the Gazelle's Hearts.  The Saviors made it through the night, but they lost everything that was magical to the World Above.


    Together, they cast a spell that may only be used once in time. In return for one final chance at new life, they threw their Cloaks in the air. Almost as if like a dream, the cloaks disappeared in thin air and around the world new life was born.  To this day, the Saviors are nowhere to be found. Some believe that they made the ultimate sacrifice and died the minute they cast the spell successfully. Some believe they went back to their magical land. Why would new life have these thoughts? Every full moon children of the World Above all have the same dream. The entire battle plays back as if  the nightmare was real. Upon waking, they can only remember bits and pieces. What they remember every detail of was the actions the Saviors took to save Life. 


    What happened exactly?  




     Arterial woke up abruptly. The sound of silence pierced his ear drums until he could started hearing sounds again. He lunged up and stared across the dark room. Gazing across at the window, he could see a violent storm was approaching.  The wind bashed across the Castle doors. With each bolt of thunder that pierced the silent night, Arterial grew more anxious. Something felt oddly off. To his side lay his wife, Nemi, the Princess of  Panireth. Nemi slept soundly. Arterial was not only sweating, his body was burning. He lunged out of bed and quickly grabbed a towel to wipe his face. Nemi shrieked, "Arterial! Something is coming! What is it!?" 


   Arterial, to his wife, "Nemi, I am afraid that I do not know.. My head is heavy, my head is hot... I fear what I feel is coming, but I will be ready." 

Suddenly, the entire room smelled as if something was burning. Outside, balls of fire flew from the sky and blasted the castle walls. Women could be heard screaming, kids crying, and men ran out of the castle holding their children. I want you to know that the castle was not being attacked from the outside in, but rather the inside out. A giant ball of fire blasted through the ceiling of Arterial's room and engulfed it entirely in fire. Nemi let out a loud cry. Arterial, in panic, froze. He could not save the woman that made his entire life whole. Arterial, unscathed, fell through the floors of the Castle until he could fall no more. He landed in the Catacombs.


  " Arterial, did you think I was to leave without you my brother?", shrieked a mysterious figure in the room. 

  " Did you really think you could escape your past? Zekith requires naught from you except that you return where you belong. The Underworld has weakened without you there. You are no hero. You have forsaken all that you truly belong to. You are not fooling anyone but yourself in pretending to be what you are not. You are consumed by your own guilt in the dead of night. An Unholy man could never reign peacefully. You have cost these people their lives. Now you must return to the Underworld with me."


  "You are foolish to believe that I would ever return to such a wretched place. There is no hope in the Underworld. You are crazed. I am not a part of that wretched fire pit of hell. I demand you return from where you came and to never come back. I demand you do not speak back. We are not of the same blood. I will kill you like you hath naught any meaning to me. Begone, I shall say no more, Belial. 


   "You will pay right at this moment." Belial grunted. 


  Belial waved his fingers and blasted Arterial several times with seismic fire waves. The Castle walls rumbled. The Castle caved in on itself. Blood was in pools. Corpses were all that remained. Horses and cattle lay ripped apart all over the land. An hour before, The Knights lined up, ready to charge at the army of "The Distraught." Knights wielding lances, swords, spears, and bows attacked the army of Distraught that attacked using scythes, axes, hammers, and dark magic. Zekith, the Dark Wizard, capable of destroying everything, challenged Arterial for his power. 


  Arterial and Belial were indeed brothers. Belial was entirely evil. Arterial was not. As young men, the brothers spent their free time collecting things they thought were treasures. One day, while heading home from the village outskirts, Arterial's foot got caught in a small hole. The hole continued to increase in size and swallowed Arterial whole. Belial, in shock, was also sucked into the hole. At the other end of this pit was a small pathway. The two brothers, breathing heavily, slowly walked the dark path unable to see anything. As they continued to walk, a red light was present. They followed the path to the light as it continued to be more visible. They were getting close. They squeezed through a crack in the wall big enough for one person at a time. They were now in Its presence. Zekith was watching. Blood dripped from the walls. On the red altar was written " Intra in Infernum." Placed on the red altar were treasures the brothers had never seen before. The Artifacts of Death. Belial shoved Arterial to the ground and picked up the Artifacts. Belial ran off. As Belial exited through the crack in the wall,  the Artifacts fell from Belial's grasp. On the ground lay scattered thousands of pieces that once were Artifacts. The ground started to glow red and smoke went into the direction of Arterial, who was still on the ground. Belial, running away, was also being followed by the smoke. The smoke filled the lungs of Arterial and Belial. Arterial, who absorbed most of it, grew angry. Belial grew angry but became fearful when he looked at his brother and felt deep in his gut that something was different about Arterial. Arterial was now the strongest being of the World Above. 


   Arterial, consumed by his anger towards Belial, became engulfed in fire. From under his feet Arterial rode a wave of fire, burning the path of the cave. Belial ran as fast as he could, but he could not outrun Arterial. Arterial blasted at Belial with a hailstorm of flames.  Before they could come face to face, Zekith appeared. Zekith cast a spell and both Arterial and Belial were showered in bloody knives all connected with chains. Both brothers were in far more trouble now. They lay pinned to the ground at the feet of Zekith.  "Nasfa - Cresce - Anni - Vai." Time shifted. Arterial and Belial changed into men. " Fight until death." Zekith demanded. Arterial was already cooled down and had not a single memory of what he had just done in his angered state. Arterial looked at his brother, who now wanted to show Zekith his best. Arterial noticed his brothers eyes were different. Arterial started to become angry again and before he could go into his most powerful state of being, Belial cast a spell on him. Belial never had any powers. Belial didn't know any spells. Belial froze Arterial in his tracks. Zekith vanished and at that same instant, Arterial broke free of the ice he was entombed in. "Arterial, let us follow Zekith to the Underworld." Arterial denied his brother and blasted him over and over again, until his brother was battered. Belial lay on the ground, dying. Arterial in anger, looked at his brother. Arterial did not realize what he did until he cooled down. Belial was dying at his brother's feet. Arterial knew his brother was evil, but he loved him far more than his brother's lust for power. Zekith re-appeared and cast a spell, attempting to entomb Arterial in True Ice.


  Zekith was engulfed in anger upon hearing that Arterial would not return to the Underworld with him and Belial. As Zekith cast the "Freezing Curse" that would entomb Arterial in ice forever, Arterial quickly countered using a Reflection spell. Zekith was immediately thrown across the debris. Outside, the Distraught (Zekith's unholy forces), killed everything. Zekith had killed Arterial's people in cold blood. The Distraught had been living inside the Kingdom the entire time, taking shape of the people that occupied the entire Kingdom. 


   Prior to the invasion, Zekith had been cast away onto a volcanic island... He had been imprisoned at the bottom of a volcano to suffer for all eternity for the many mass murders that he had committed in the world above his own. Zekith was the true Lord of the Underworld. Arterial could no longer control what was to make its way above from the Underworld. Zekith was to suffer once more. Arterial had countered and mutated Zekith into "The Wretched." An ugly creature that no longer looked or sounded anything like his brother. In this battle between the two Unholy Warriors, all light was concealed. Arterial had mistaken himself to be helping his brother keep power in the Underworld. Instead, Arterial had really brought his world Above to its demise. Light no longer existed. Skies were filled with red and purple clouds. The skies showered the land with a never-ending amount of blood. Arterial appeared before the army of The Wretched and easily slaughtered the army bit by bit, until nothing was left but the tranquil showers of blood from the sky. The Wretched lay on the ground. Arterial prepared to pierce the Being and kill him instantly. Arterial lifted his sword and lunged it at The Wretched. Time froze. A moment before Arterial could kill his brother, The Wretched cast the "Freezing Curse" again, entombing Arterial in a true ice, freezing Arterial for all of eternity. The block of true ice that contained Arterial fell into the volcano, unscathed by the lava it became engulfed in as it sunk to the bottom of the volcano where Zekith once was imprisoned.


 What was not known was exactly why Zekith and Belial considered Arterial to be Unholy. Arterial had killed the previous Lord of The Underworld, Sathanus . After accidentally shattering the artifacts and cursing his brother Arterial, Belial was shaken. Arterial had become stronger than Belial. When the Lord of The Underworld, Sathanus, had invaded the world Above, Arterial betrayed him, piercing Sathanus right in his heart. Arterial had become enraged and lost all ability to be rational with what was around him. Although Arterial did not hunger for power, the curse required Arterial to feed it. Arterial killed Sathanus and quickly was overcome with his evil spirit. Arterial gained the power of Sathanus and immediately had become a danger to Belial, who was no longer able to control or kill his brother if his brother went into frenzy and was to attack him. This new found power would drive Arterial to do only evil and ate away at the last bit of good that had remained in his heart. Arterial had become the darkest of monsters. Entombed in true ice, Belial could now have the Underworld for himself, at the right hand of Zekith.






A multiplayer-online rpg based off of many popular mmo's that have existed over the years. This is a game created using the XtremeWorlds Engine. I am not sure if it will work on most PC's but there is currently plenty of content available.

The quests are all unique and some are very difficult as they contain difficult puzzles. Players have the choice of three different areas. The first being the easiest and where players should spend plenty of time before moving to the increasingly difficult islands after the first. 


I don't want to go to far into the game as most of the information you'd be interested in is found on the website. You are more than welcome to ask questions and make suggestions. This game has been in the works and I kind've gave up on it when I realized that there are far superior 2D Engines especially on this forum, but I had made the game (in my opinion) as interesting as I could. This was my latest and best work after years of messing with Playerworlds (many many years ago.) I am limited in what I can do in it as it is closed source and the XtremeWorlds forums vanished but I would like to invite players to share in this experience if they wish to. Thank you for reading =)


Edit: Please let me know if you have any errors connecting to the game as I will not be made aware unless bugs are reported. It is greatly appreciated

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Please let me know if you have any errors connecting to the game as I will not be made aware unless bugs are reported. It is greatly appreciated


Hello Xeno, thanks so much for the honest feedback. What maps/screenshots did you not like and what can I do specifically to make the game experience better for you?

 Thanks again I really appreciate any and all feedback





I realized the download link was invalid because it was expired. I re-uploaded the client. 

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