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Ask Away! - Be Descriptive, Search Before Asking, and Mark Best Answers!



This section is for asking questions about Intersect! Anything is free game including if features exist/will exist, how to get started and more.

There are only a few quick guidelines for this board:

    [*]Search before posting! - Make sure your question hasn't been asked already, if it has we will delete your copy.

    [*]Be descriptive - Make your subject and post as detailed as possible so we know what you are asking and it is easy to find later.

    [*]Finally, if you receive an acceptable answer, hit the "Best Answer" button on that post. This means we can stop looking for your answer and we can find the answer quickly next time!

    In this thread, topics that have been answered are marked with a green checkmark 0GAjNc96ObQJkakcEc.png.

    For topics with an answer, you can click this icon to instantly view the post that should contain your answer. DCcZmxg8himuRTGsR5.png


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