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ID Variables (+1 loop)



I don't know if I've asked this before cuz I have a poor memory, but is there a way to make ID variables?


If you don't know what I mean, this could be used in a custom guild system, for instance.


I.e. Someone makes a guild called "Guild 1" and a global variable is created called "Guild Slot 1" and then a player variable for yourself is edited - "Guild ID" = 1.


It's hard to explain but I need some help pls thx ;)  ASAP would be nice

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Make a global variable called 'Next Guild ID'.


When creating a guild, set the player variable 'Guild ID' to the Global Variable 'Next Guild ID' value, and then simply increase the 'Next Guild ID' by 1.


You cannot create variables via eventing, so it does require some trickery with existing events.  I don't know is this exactly answers what you're looking for, hope it helps.

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