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(B5.1) Animation position



Hello everyone and sorry in advance because i posted a similar message in bug/suggestion categories to inform the developer of this bug but i also need help urgently because i can't continue my project so i have a bug on the new 5.1 version, i have updated my project from 4.9.1.


The animation generated by a event have a different position then the original position.
See this bug by yourself by create an animation and attribuate it on an event and put the same animation to a "play animation" function in the event system and see the difference.


Here, I attribuate the animation "Confusion"  to my event :


And it will be on the good position like normal :



And here is the problem, I make a "play animation" on my event :


And this is the bug, see where the same animation play, i hadn't this problem in the 4.9.1 version :




Do you see the difference ? The animation have a lower position and this is just an illustration, my game is full of this problem now ...


Thanks in advance, sorry for my english.

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Thanks for the fast response, I make the report before this post then it's okay about it but i think that solution will not be effetive and I don't want to lost my time with modifications and back-up the old animation when it'll be patched, outside of this, my project isn't ready to be released and I know you, you're a hard-worker. :3_grin:


Waiting impatiently the new versions. :3_grin:

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