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How do I make a map that duplicates every time a player makes a base or something?



I'm not asking for a guild system.


No, no, no.


I'm asking for a way to duplicate maps every time a player makes a guild.


So, like:


If a player makes a guild (I AM NOT ASKING FOR THIS PART) then they get the option to create a guild base. The "guild base" map duplicates and they get to access this. If the guild ever disbands or runs out of players or an inactivity timer runs out, then the map is deleted. (I would also like a event to start on this trigger.)


So basically I guess I am asking for a way to duplicate and delete certain maps on player demand and a way to get to them withOUT the admin panel. If you could help then I will thank you and if you provide like a legit really good answer I will credit you.


Thanks and Kind Regards,


The Darkest Dawn Online Team

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