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About the new API system



Hi guys,


Don't know if everybody knows that there will be an API system soon. For these who don't know about this: An API(Application programming interface) is something like a developers' toolkit which is used for a lot of purposes, specially sending and receiving information from external programs. Intersect devs are gonna add(if they havn't added it yet) an API system on intersect, so we'll be able to get and set info from our intersect game's servers externally(this will be great, for example, to showing player's info on a website, creating stores... etc).


That being said, I have a few questions about the API, and I thought it would be a good idea asking all of them here so if someone has the same questions they won't need to open a thread and devs won't need to answer the same things twice.


- How will we get the information from the server? Will it be xml files? json files? simple information data(string, double... etc)?

- How could we use the API on our software?

- Will we have total control over our db info? or there will be db info we won't be able to pull?

- How will the token system work? how will we get our authtokens?

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