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Game Commands

Steven Abreu


Me disculpan por mi mal ingles ::::: They apologize for my bad English


Cuales son los Comandos que se utilizan dentro del juego para dar ban, kick, mute, etc. Y como se utilizan ejemplos. ::::: What are the Commands that are used within the game to give ban, kick, mute, etc. And how examples are used.

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If the account have modpower/adminpower you can press 'insert' it will open the administrator panel (never used the modpower so i don't know which feature are administrator only)


Else the server have those commands and many other. You can type 'help' the server will show you every command avalable. If you are unsure how to use properly a command you can write /? after the command



'kill /?'  will display  'Usage: kill [username] /?'


Also please don't write a post entirely with text decoration, the forum have a rule against that: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/rules#post_decoration

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