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does not save inventory



Help please, the items in the inventory and the bank of all players are not saved, skills are also lost.
Added the currency "gold" it drops out of the mobs.
I collected gold, I can buy or throw for it, everything works fine.
But when I close the client and then open it again and go to the same account, everything is empty there, there is no gold, perdmetov, skills, just emptiness.
At the same time, experience, mana, time and coordinates are preserved normally.
Help in what can be the problem? How to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

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The problem is that the database was created on IIRC Beta 4.6. This version of Intersect had a bug where the database was created incorrectly, rendering all of the character-related tables effectively corrupt. You need to delete your database and start from the beginning. You may be able to use an SQL editor to export some of the data and then import it into the new database (i.e. items, maps, NPCs) but we do not have instructions for this and it is at your own risk (the only recommended way to resolve this issue is to start with a fresh DB on Intersect 4.7ย and manually copy all of your data over with the editor).

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