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Game is not accessible by others



My friend receives the 'server not online' when trying to register and server prompt also shows this.


I have no firewall activated or any other blocking mechanism. Port 5400 was opened and also tried to test with other ports.

On my end everything works perfectly.

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Your friend and my server cannot connect to your game. There is a firewall or antivirus somewhere in your network that's blocking connections. 


Windows has a firewall. 

Most routers have firewalls. 

Sometimes modems have firewalls before the router. (In this rare situation Intersect will say that UPnP succeeded when it didn't.)


Make sure Windows firewall is off. Send us a screenshot proving it. 


Then open up command prompt or powershell. Type in:

tracert ascensiongamedev.com


Send us a screenshot of the output from that command and the following command:


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