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Creating a timer spoiled products


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Instructions for video:
  1. It is necessary to create two global variables (1-0 timer, counter (+5))
  2. Two global pendulum events (timer1-0) which each punch plus +1 in the counter. Waiting is the size of time, you can increase.
3. Create a global switch-the product is corrupted: true or false.
4. The third global event is to check how many points the timer (in the video I do not have - this is the third global event, there is a condition if the counter raveno 5 or more include a global switch to the truth)
5. And in the event of a global food spoilage, provided that the switch is "true" to perform list checking race (I was there, the meat product but it worked if the character picked up the meat, I changed to the race.) After making an attempt to take away the meat (if the it is), then we perform the actions: we give the spoiled meat (if it was received), zero the score s = 0, and turn off the switch to false.

Photos are not added. In the video I missed the test event is global - If the counter >=5 then toggle the switch global- true(he is one)


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