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Questions related to "Speed" stat ? - Maybe suggestion(s) too



Hello :)

So I've noticed the Speed stat increases movement speed.

Does it increase attack speed?

If so, at what "Speed" would attack speed be at it's max?
I've noticed in the config there's two numbers to change, 200 and 1000 related to attack speed.
I'm guessing 1000 is 1000 ticks (1 second) slowest?
and 200 is 200 ticks (0.2 seconds) fastest?

Movement Speed:
At what "Speed" would we be at our max speed? Or does it just keep increasing and increasing?
So if we had like 10,000 speed we'd be MEGA fast?

Here's where suggestions could come in :)

Maybe have in the config, the ability to enable / disable what affects speed.
For example:
Attack_Speed = True/False
Movement_Speed = True/False
They could then be set true or false on whether Speed will affect them?

So we could have speed do movement only, or attack only.. or neither.

That said we'd then need a variable to set for standard attack speed and movement speed.

So "Base_Movement_Speed = 100" for example.
"Base_attack_speed = 100 for example"

Maybe then items would need a + / - attack speed option.
To be able to add or negate attack speed from the base.

The speed stat if set to true to affect attack / movement speed can be a modifier of the "base_movement_speed" and "Base_attack_speed"
- Of which will already be in the engine anyway somewhere?

Basically what I want is more control over attack and movement speed.
The ability to add movement speed to items as well would be nice.

For example I'd want movement speed on boots.

I hope this all makes sense :) Wasn't sure whether to put as a question or suggestion as it contains both for now :D


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Yes, your Speed stat increases your character's movement speed as well as their attack speed.


On a vanilla intersect server, reaching upwards of 700+ speed began lagging the server because my attacks were so frequent and my speed was exceeding the MaxStat for my server (255), and even one key press of the attack command would result in 10+ attacks. But yes, there is a noticeable increase in attack speed and movement between 700 and 1000 speed, so it seems you can go as fast and attack as fast as you want until the game starts breaking.


Your guess about the config is correct, those two numbers manage the minimum and maximum attack speed. However, if your speed exceeds the MaxStat variable for your server, your character will start attacking at warp speed and your server will start breaking. So at 0 speed, your attack speed is your MinAttackRate, and at MaxStat speed, your attack speed is your MaxAttackRate.


As for your suggestions, I suggest you make a separate post and tag it as a suggestion.


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