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Need Help ISO: Programmer and mappers

ven derial

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Hey, so I'm working on a 2d 16bit retro feel and rouge like morpg. As of right now the name of the game is under construction but for now its called pixelated dungeons. The engine that I am using is will be intersect. Currently I have finished mapping the first level of the dungeon but am still working on quests, npcs, and items. So far I am the only one that is working on the game itself but I do have a friend that is helping design the website, forums, and maintenance on the server with the vps.


                 ...Here is some of the first lvl mapping...





My plans for this game is to have a big main town on the ground level. While the rouge like feel will be the many levels of the dungeon that you could explore. My main goal for this game is that everything in the game can be either bought from stores or made by the players themselves. That being said I'm all ways open to ideas and comments.



I am looking for programmers and mappers. I'm willing to make some sort of deal with a programmer but for anything else will have to be volunteer work.





-Ven derial

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