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Notice about Similar Communities


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I want to take a moment and address a few points that are bound to come up in the near future.

A lot of our members will find us or learn about us through similar communities, these include but are not limited to:

Whether you are a member of any or all of those sites, or you have never heard of them before welcome to the Ascension community!

If you have never heard of those sites before:

  • Feel free to check them out! -Β  They all offer similar communities and engines that may interest you.

If you are from one of our brother/sister communities:

  • You are more than welcome in our community! Just please don't join with the intention on trolling, there really is no point.
  • Note that we are not trying to compete with anyone. This is just an alternative community and a new atmosphere.
  • We welcome all projects! Working on a different engine? Feel free to advertise it here! Working with a different Eclipse or Mirage engine that isn't on this site? We will gladly support you and can potentially offer assistance! We even hope to see some IOS game development and RPG maker projects at some point!

Again, welcome to the Ascension community - We hope to see you around!

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