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Requesting Guide For spells


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Hello Advance Devs... I would like to request about a guide of certain features of the engine...


1st is the : Spell Editor

        I would like to ask how it works, how to connect the damage on the actual (Fireball) animation (ex. whoever gets hit by the projectile get damage)


2nd is the : Animation

        As you know a spell needs an animation .. but i messed with it a bit and still dont understand when a char throws a spell it only shows on a 1 line side to side of my char... What im trying to say is there was no actual feeling of the projectile (ex. Fireball) flying out of the player to target ... please atleast the basic ones or something like this 



3rd is the Projectile Editor

       To make it short i dont understand 1 bit of it how the arrows works where the char is what is the S in the middle if possible i would gladly learn about it hope someone helps me with the basics of it thanks...



Im really sorry for this i hope it wont bother other devs/programmers/owners... Thanks a Lot in Advance

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