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Found 6 results

  1. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/724dfd7739aef5d34bc1b7e198e3bd27.avi So in the projectile there's tick box for Auto Rotate Animation right but in the Animation it's already auto rotate, is there a way to make it not Auto Rotate?
  2. Hello guys, I am trying to create a spell using the "Event" type rather the built in ones. However, it seems the events don't have any actions that allows to me reference what the player is targeting and asses whether it is a viable target or not. In a nutshell what I am trying to do is create a tame spell. You select an NPC in the game and based on which NPC you are selecting you are able to charm that NPC or not. For example, you can charm a rabbit, but you can't charm the town's elder or another player. Any ideas how can I go about doing this?
  3. Is it possible to create exhaustible like a consumable spell ? In Spell Editor I don't find a usable or consumable reference ... I wish that the spell is exhausted, in order to have to buy another one Do you have a idea ?
  4. Hello Advance Devs... I would like to request about a guide of certain features of the engine... 1st is the : Spell Editor I would like to ask how it works, how to connect the damage on the actual (Fireball) animation (ex. whoever gets hit by the projectile get damage) 2nd is the : Animation As you know a spell needs an animation .. but i messed with it a bit and still dont understand when a char throws a spell it only shows on a 1 line side to side of my char... What im trying to say is there was no actual feeling of the projectile (ex. Fireball) flying out of the player to target ... please atleast the basic ones or something like this 3rd is the Projectile Editor To make it short i dont understand 1 bit of it how the arrows works where the char is what is the S in the middle if possible i would gladly learn about it hope someone helps me with the basics of it thanks... Im really sorry for this i hope it wont bother other devs/programmers/owners... Thanks a Lot in Advance
  5. Which stats that increase spell damage? Is it just ability power stats or Damage from weapon or Attack stats does increase the damage too? I was making a full set armor and a weapon that didn't gives me any bonus stats *maybe this is a bug* also when i set the spell damage to -35 it didn't scale with the Ability Power stats and attack power stats and damage (weapon) from my character. Is there other way to increase the spell damage at the moment but make it scale with our stats (maybe added projectile to it. Haven't try this yet) Here's the video http://sendvid.com/mvhr17ro Edited forgot to add this : All the stats is pure from Stats points allocation
  6. Hello. I'm using Intersect Engine Beta 4.2. The problem is that when the NPС uses the spell it continues to move. When the main character uses a spell this does not happen. Can I fix the movement of NPS? I would be grateful for your response, I apologize for the language, it is not native to me.
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