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forwarding from a domain to your ip



Hi all,


I put a domain name in the place of the ip address.

I had made a subdomain and had it instructed to re-direct to my ip.

I tried test.dascribe.net and http://test.dascribe.net.

I tired both options in the config file for the client.

Neither one worked.

I'm wondering if I wrote this wrong or

if maybe my host service doesn't deal with data on port 4500


There were also companies that specifically did domain redirects to ips.

Anyone know the names of any of the companies, or what i'm doing wrong when I try to use the domain in config?

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Want to make a few points here. 


First off, people knowing your public ip isn't a crazy, terrible, scary thing that people make it out to be.


Computers need to know your public ip to connect to your server. If your only goal is to hide your ip you can't using a domain. Open up a comment prompt and type in "ping ascensiongamedev.com" hit enter and you will see the ip of our server.


However if your goal is to use a domain for the hell of it or to make it so you only have to change settings in one place if your ip changes then read on:


Proper config.xml setting would not include http://. Only enter test.dascribe.net


Making changes to a domain or subdomain may take up to 24 hours to propagate/have an effect. You can test however to tell when these changes occur. Simply open command prompt and run "ping test.dascribe.net". Whenever that shows your ip you are good to go. 


If the ping works and you cannot connect to your game server you might have to mess with the firewall. Let us know how you progress. I'll check back soon. 


-JC (typed on iPhone)

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