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Hey guys, I am sure a lot of you are already familiar with Coding Game from Eclipse. But if not you should all check it out. Its basically a collection of coding challenges that are run in game form. There is also multiplayer contests where you can challenge others. There is a ton of languages available so it does not matter what language you know. Including vb.net.


Fantastic Bits is a new multiplayer contest that just started today. It is running for the next 8 days. You are basically playing quidditch and you can build bots to win against opponents. It starts you off in wood league where the opponents basically dont even move. So its not hard to get started.


Check out the last contest to see what its like being played: https://www.codingame.com/replay/141161975


Check it out here: CodinGame


The link above contains my referral link. Use it or dont, but if we are all linked together it is easier to keep a eye on everyone! I also suggest we all put our school to "Intersect" that way we can all share a leaderboard. 


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