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  1. Taykox

    Single Player Map

    no problem i have my answer ^^ thx
  2. Taykox

    Single Player Map

    @Apache_ interesting thanks
  3. Taykox

    Single Player Map

    @Dashplant yes, as already said, the player had 1 other NPC at the position X as player 2 only both visible
  4. Taykox

    Single Player Map

    @jcsnider OK thank you. I hope it works out someday
  5. Taykox

    Single Player Map

    My question is, is it possible to create a single MapX single player? Even if the engine is based on multiplayer. I would like to have a unique map for the player without other players on the map. I know that with random variables you can create a NPC that moves differently than the 2nd player. I already was so far MORE:
  6. Taykox

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    I just want it to be a multiplayer game, it's just about letting individual maps play as a single player
  7. Taykox

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    meant with this
  8. Taykox

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    is this also possible with single player?
  9. Taykox

    Party Zone

    A setting for the map which can only be played as a party or alone For Instanz zb
  10. Taykox

    Intersect Engine

    Language can not be changed (Beta 5 - zb: Charakter creation) :(((