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  1. Rafferty

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Look forward to seeing you there I just like the look and feel of it lol, Any idea what texture files they bought etc? Wouldn't mind having very similar if I start from scratch. Was looking for a market as such where people may be selling sources which have already had a nice head start and I could get my teeth into. Cannot seem to find anything like that but looking at the documents of int and it already looks promising These kinds of communities always seem so much more mature and friendly than other communities online also which is nice. Edit: PS I'll stop posting in here now as it's an intro thread (Just remembered )
  2. Rafferty

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Thanks for the reply! And that's amazing thank you. I offered him $300-$400 at the time as it's already had a massive amount of bug fixes and dupes etc fixed on it Along with the daily players it already brings in. I like the feeling it gives as it's a lot like Runescape Classic in the sense of feelings but it also provides the nice grindy feeling it had. Do you guys have a discord channel?
  3. Rafferty

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hi guys, As I hope to become a part of this community over the near future I'm going to try and post a half-decent introduction thread, so you know a bit about my background and why I'm here along with my future plans! I'm sorry if its a bit long-winded! I've been thinking about running an RPG for a while now as I used to run a Runescape private server and loved the community that joined my server, I'd love to do it as a full-time job one day (We can dream). My non-profit support group - Lets Talk North East I currently run a non-profit support group for people dealing with mental health issues or suicidal thoughts and depression. The group is called LetsTalkNorthEast (Ignore the name it started off locally but we have people come and have a chat from all over the world on it now). I made this site due to losing 4 friends over the period of 2 years to suicide, no one should have to deal with these kinds of problems alone and I really want to be there to support people in need. Unfortunately the site was down over Xmas due to financial problems and me not being to pay for hosting and such (Having kids is expensive!) but it's back up and running now ( www.letstalknortheast.com and .co.uk ) I was offered a donation by a few people but I don't want to take donations from people a I believe it takes away a lot of the feel of the group and I like people to know I'm there to help and not to make profit from the group, Everything is paid for by myself such as hosting /flyers/banners etc (Got 30,000 flyers sitting here for the relaunch!) I'm hoping to have a re-launch at the end of the month. The Family I currently live with my Fiance of 9 years along with our two boys Jamie (8) and Joshua (7 on Sunday). They're both little gamers and Jamie already has a great little dual screen gaming setup. He likes playing the likes of Minecraft and Joshua enjoy's playing Roblox. The Mrs and I Love to find an MMO to get our teeth into and we can get pretty competitive! I'd love to learn some coding language and really get Jamie onto the right path himself as he keeps telling me he wants to grow up and be a fisherman and design games. Why I'm here - What's next So.. I've been on computers since the early 90s but I've never learnt any coding languages or anything and spent most of my years on games, starting on the likes of Habbo hotel back in like 2001 (Wow I feel old) And moving onto stuff such as Runescape Classic and RS2 Beta. I've done very basic Java as I ran a Runescape Private server for some time but that was mainly tutorials and A LOT of trial and error. I've also made a few basic websites such as my support groups website that is made via WordPress (Letstalknortheast.com). I currently work part-time in a Cinema but would love to move away from this and do something online such as running a game or web design but I'm currently at a crossroads which has led me here! I'm really good at making a community as I was with my Runescape server, also great as stuff such as sales from my many years in call centres. Where would you guys suggest starting off with creating an MMORPG? I'm currently playing a game named Orake which seems pretty fun and I'd love to have a game like it, the game has died and only has around 5 active users now but the owner wants about $2k for the game which is way out of my budget unfortunately. My end game is to be able to work on the pc for a living and be able to monitor the live chats from my support group at the same time. If you've read all this, Thanks for your time! And I look forward to meeting you guys. Also if anyone is ever in need of a chat, you know where my inbox is or you can add me on discord at MrTobbo#8102