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  1. Brotato

    Aetheria Online

    This game was coded from the ground up with Java
  2. Aetheria just received another update and this time familiars will be joining your battle against evil! Every player will be given a spell to summon or unsummon their familiar, which is based on their class and specialization. Pets were a suggestion from our community so a big shout out goes to everyone who helped with this idea. Also, a big thank you to Regovoulous for providing artwork for each of the pets! Along with this content update comes a bunch of other balance changes, gameplay updates, and bug fixes. You can find the full list below. Enjoy! -Familiars are now available in game! Summon them with your summon familiar spell in your spellbook. -A special pencil weapon costume is now available in game for graphics contributors -Statuses applied by Ulgizath will now render on the player, making the mechanic clearer for players -Added an option on startup to play the game in windowed mode -Irok and General Razorbone received balance updates. Irok will only spawn one hound and the time between summons has been increased slightly. General Razorbone had his damage reduced during whirlwind. -Updated cooldown rendering on hotbar spells to be clearer to the player when a spell was on cooldown -Disabled healing consumables when a player was at full health -Updated text for several quests and dialogs to be more grammar appropriate -Right clicking an item in your inventory while your storage is open will now stack the item in your storage if available -Fixed a bug which would allow the player to continue casting after they had tabbed out of the game -Fixed a bug which causes statuses to still render on monsters after they had expired -Fixed a bug which would cause certain monsters to get stuck behind objects in the world
  3. Aetheria Update #3 is now live. Please see below for the details. This update was mostly balance and bug fixes. -Lifesteal amount on level 15 epic weapons has been increased -The Challenger talent has been updated to cause more threat -Fixed a bug where certain chat symbols were causing messages to not be sent -Fixed a bug where dying with a movement speed buff caused it to persist -Quests objectives to talk to another NPC now will show with a "?" -Balance changes to sell prices of resource items. In general, resources now sell for a bit less gold. -Map updates for certain entities causing monsters to be stuck -Minor text fixes for various quests and NPC dialogs -Gold penalty for death has been increased slightly -General Zayn's whirlwind damage has been reduced slightly -Fixed a bug causing certain mobs to become invisible on rare occasions -Fixed a bug causing a desync with the server on stat value amounts displayed on the character sheet -Fixed a bug which allowed players to fish in lava -Added a guild war PvP level cap of 5 -Enabled pvp between guildmates if it is conducted in a PvP arena -Fixed a bug which would permanently give a buff to Darkmoore's pet, Irok, after he finished chasing a player.
  4. Please follow these general guidelines when posting in this forum: -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -Do not post content unrelated to Aetheria
  5. Please following the guidelines below when posting in this forum -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -For bug reports, try to include screenshots and actions to reproduce the bug -For suggestions, please be specific. A well thought out suggestion is more likely to be selected for implementation.
  6. Please follow these general guidelines when posting in this forum: -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -Be specific. The more detail provided in your question, the easier it will be to answer -Please keep your posts related to Aetheria gameplay and functionality. Assistance or questions about content or finding groups should be posted in the Aetheria Discord or in-game.
  7. Brotato

    Aetheria Controls

    Aetheria uses popular MMORPG controls. See below for details. WASD controls your character movement F is used to interact with objects and NPCs LMB, RMB, Q, E, R, T, 1, and 2 are used to cast various spells There are other controls within Aetheria which can be found by clicking the system menu button or pressing ESC and navigating to the "Controls" page.
  8. What is the basic control scheme for Aetheria?
  9. Brotato

    Aetheria Launcher File

    A jnlp file is used to launch Java applications on your computer using resources on a remote server. Aetheria receives updates often and using the jnlp structure allows for automatic updates of the game whenever it is launched.
  10. The Aetheria Launcher is a JNLP file, what is that anyway?
  11. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Launcher for Aetheria Online. Java is required to run Aetheria. Download here: https://java.com/
  12. Brotato

    Open Beta Aetheria Online

    Aetheria is an MMORPG which focuses on challenging dungeons, cooperative group play, fast paced PvP, and important crafting elements. Aetheria utilizes action combat, which means no targeting and no standing still while casting, ever! This makes for an intense situation every battle, whether it be with other players or with fierce monsters. The land of Aetheria is unforgiving and harsh, so make sure to bring friends and guildmates on your journey. Dungeons Dungeons in Aetheria feature complex boss mechanics and require at least 5 players to defeat them (Some will require 10 or more!). The rewards are great, but failing to execute mechanics will result in death! Player vs Player Fighting other players in Aetheria can be done in a PvP arena or via Guild Wars. Combat is fast and requires quick reflexes to destroy your foes. Crafting Crafting is an important focus in Aetheria. Some of the most powerful weapons and armor can only be crafted. Crafting also is highly integrated into the progression of the storyline. Costumes Costumes in Aetheria allow you to override the appearance of any of your current armor or weapons with any other piece of gear in the game. Customize away! Familiars Each class and specialization in Aetheria has a unique familiar which can be summoned to fight beside you in battle against other players or monsters. Other Features Include Quests 1800+ Unique Items Trading Parties Guilds Guild Wars Spells Talent Trees 5 Combat Classes with 2 Specializations per Class Future Updates Auction House PvP Shop More Areas and Dungeons Increased Level Cap Join our Discord! Embedded Video Link