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  1. Bound in the Depths Long ago there was a fisherman named Stuarth who lived in Redwater Village. One day, when Stuarth was on a fishing trip in Morhollow Marsh, he hooked the biggest fish he had ever seen. As Stuarth tried to catch this massive fish, it overpowered and attacked him, taking him into the water. The fish pulled him down down down and Stuarth thought his end was near. That was until he saw a mysterious light in the distance. The fish seemed to swim towards the light, and when it was close, it let go of Stuarth. Stuarth swam to the light and discovered it was bright glowing goblet. Upon touching the goblet, he was instantly teleported to a mysterious land and was cursed. Stuarth was forever to stay in the mysterious land, as was his curse. He was forever, Bound in the Depths. To this day, he awaits his demise from a worthy adventurer, which is the only way for him to obtain his freedom. For a limited time, players can attempt to save Stuarth from his curse by finding and entering the mysterious new whirlpool in Morhollow Marsh. Careful though, the new lands are filled with monsters and worst of all, a cursed Stuarth also known as the Sunken Torturer. Should Stuarth's curse be lifted, great rewards are in store for the adventurers who performed this heoric act. While participating in this event, adventurers can also collect a new costume and other items from Louis in the Sunken Depths. Louis was an adventurer who tried to save Stuarth, but failed. He is now trapped with Stuarth until the curse is broken but is willing to help new adventurers by offering his wares. Other Updates Added several visual options accessible from the system menu Improved client rendering performance Added a "Forgot Username" option to the login page Added a "Quick Sell" option while shopping
  2. It is just a simple map which pops up on the player's screen giving them a higher view of the local area. This is rendered directly from the file the game uses to render the actual game tiles outside of the map. One thing to note, this is on a custom game engine.
  3. The social and maps update for Aetheria is now live! Players can now utilize a friends list or ignore list to manage their social interactions in the game. Any player added to friends can quickly be messaged or invited to a party from the social UI. All players added to your ignore list will receive automatic declines for party invites, guild invites, and trade invites. Also, all chat from the ignored player will be hidden. Maps are also now available in game! Players can either click the maps button on the right side of the screen to show a local area map or they can press they hotkey M to show the map. For a full list of updates, please see below. -Added a friends list and an ignore list -Added local area maps -Added the capability to "quick add" talent points with Shift+Click -Added a check on the client side for disconnects, which will automatically bring the user back to the login screen -Fixed up the login screen so messages are more easily readable -Fixed a bug which increased player speed if a teleport scroll was used as the player died -Fixed a bug which sent quest notifications when items were swapped in a player's inventory -Fixed a bug which caused items on the ground to continue to show up after they were picked up -Made several server side performance improvements
  4. Aetheria Update #8 is now live! You can view the release notes below: Updated game logo and login screen art with the finalized logo Gaining loot now shows in the bottom left screen with an icon and count instead of just text Transformed several level 20 boss drops to recipes instead of pure gear to emphasize end game crafting Fixed a few server side bugs causing a rare world crash Made several server side optimizations Fixed a few areas in Westfall causing enemies to get stuck Fixed shops in Westfall and Marblerock to contain the right health potions Made several costume changes to ensure they are rendering correctly on players Added a bug and beta tester special costume for players who are particularly helpful in finding issues Disabled the Christmas Event
  5. Aetheria's most recent update includes big changes the rewards you receive for participating in player vs player combat. Players can now find Warfare vendors near all PvP arenas which will sell items such as exp scrolls, gold sacks, special PvP elixirs, and costumes in exchange for special badges collected when killing another player. Daily kills of the same player are limited, and most of the items bought in the shop cannot be traded. In addition to the PvP update, additional costumes were added to the game for players reaching high levels in each of the professions. These costumes can be purchased from shops in Westfall Forest and Glacial Plains and include costumes such as chef's hats, forging hammers, flannel shirts, and more! I hope you enjoy this update!
  6. Update #6 for Aetheria is now live! You can find the changelog details below. Enjoy! Added class icons for party and guild members to easily determine their combat class Added more messaging for players when a guild action is attempted but the proper permissions are not granted Updated the graphics for trees across all worlds Made slight improvements to monster pathing Balanced the fishing profession loot so players who did not level cooking with the fishing skill have an easier time catching up Added login messages and notifications Added rare equipment drops for elite monsters in level 20 dungeons Level 20 quest rewards are now unique to the quest and will not drop from bosses Bug fix: Combat sound effects playing in error Bug fix: Projectiles from pets not firing on a direct line to the enemy Bug fix: Monsters which aggro pets but are line of sight from the player would not start combat Bug fix: Minor dialog and quest text fixes
  7. With this update to Aetheria comes a new area: Tutoria Isle! This area is where new players will start their journey, learning about all of the ways to slay monsters, craft items, and use the various systems in Aetheria. After each adventurer is satisfied with their level of teaching, or if all quests have been completed, they can take the boat on the Eastern dock to Redwater Forest. Players can revisit Tutoria Isle by taking the boat on the Northwest dock in Redwater Forest. Along with this new area comes several other updates. Enjoy! -Expanded player inventory to 60 slots, up from 25 -Frost Lightning used on General Manabone was reduced slightly so it no longer makes his armor and resistance negative -Reduced damage of General Razorbone's whirlwind and increased the time in between casts -Added a headphones costume for music contributors -Removed the penalty for death if a player is in a PvP arena -Fixed a bug which would replay certain combat effects -Fixed several bugs with familiars interacting in PvP -Fixed a bug where familiars would constantly leash to the player if a distant party member was in combat -Fixed a bug where familiars killing a monster would not progress a quest -Fixed a bug where gear recipes in shops did not show all information -Fixed several quest and dialog spelling and grammar issues
  8. Brotato

    Aetheria Online

    This game was coded from the ground up with Java
  9. Aetheria just received another update and this time familiars will be joining your battle against evil! Every player will be given a spell to summon or unsummon their familiar, which is based on their class and specialization. Pets were a suggestion from our community so a big shout out goes to everyone who helped with this idea. Also, a big thank you to Regovoulous for providing artwork for each of the pets! Along with this content update comes a bunch of other balance changes, gameplay updates, and bug fixes. You can find the full list below. Enjoy! -Familiars are now available in game! Summon them with your summon familiar spell in your spellbook. -A special pencil weapon costume is now available in game for graphics contributors -Statuses applied by Ulgizath will now render on the player, making the mechanic clearer for players -Added an option on startup to play the game in windowed mode -Irok and General Razorbone received balance updates. Irok will only spawn one hound and the time between summons has been increased slightly. General Razorbone had his damage reduced during whirlwind. -Updated cooldown rendering on hotbar spells to be clearer to the player when a spell was on cooldown -Disabled healing consumables when a player was at full health -Updated text for several quests and dialogs to be more grammar appropriate -Right clicking an item in your inventory while your storage is open will now stack the item in your storage if available -Fixed a bug which would allow the player to continue casting after they had tabbed out of the game -Fixed a bug which causes statuses to still render on monsters after they had expired -Fixed a bug which would cause certain monsters to get stuck behind objects in the world
  10. Aetheria Update #3 is now live. Please see below for the details. This update was mostly balance and bug fixes. -Lifesteal amount on level 15 epic weapons has been increased -The Challenger talent has been updated to cause more threat -Fixed a bug where certain chat symbols were causing messages to not be sent -Fixed a bug where dying with a movement speed buff caused it to persist -Quests objectives to talk to another NPC now will show with a "?" -Balance changes to sell prices of resource items. In general, resources now sell for a bit less gold. -Map updates for certain entities causing monsters to be stuck -Minor text fixes for various quests and NPC dialogs -Gold penalty for death has been increased slightly -General Zayn's whirlwind damage has been reduced slightly -Fixed a bug causing certain mobs to become invisible on rare occasions -Fixed a bug causing a desync with the server on stat value amounts displayed on the character sheet -Fixed a bug which allowed players to fish in lava -Added a guild war PvP level cap of 5 -Enabled pvp between guildmates if it is conducted in a PvP arena -Fixed a bug which would permanently give a buff to Darkmoore's pet, Irok, after he finished chasing a player.
  11. Please follow these general guidelines when posting in this forum: -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -Do not post content unrelated to Aetheria
  12. Please following the guidelines below when posting in this forum -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -For bug reports, try to include screenshots and actions to reproduce the bug -For suggestions, please be specific. A well thought out suggestion is more likely to be selected for implementation.
  13. Please follow these general guidelines when posting in this forum: -Refrain from using harsh, discriminatory, or offensive language -Be specific. The more detail provided in your question, the easier it will be to answer -Please keep your posts related to Aetheria gameplay and functionality. Assistance or questions about content or finding groups should be posted in the Aetheria Discord or in-game.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Launcher for Aetheria Online. Java is required to run Aetheria. Download here: https://java.com/
  15. Aetheria is an MMORPG which focuses on challenging dungeons, cooperative group play, fast paced PvP, and important crafting elements. Aetheria utilizes action combat, which means no targeting and no standing still while casting, ever! This makes for an intense situation every battle, whether it be with other players or with fierce monsters. The land of Aetheria is unforgiving and harsh, so make sure to bring friends and guildmates on your journey. Dungeons Dungeons in Aetheria feature complex boss mechanics and require at least 5 players to defeat them (Some will require 10 or more!). The rewards are great, but failing to execute mechanics will result in death! Player vs Player Fighting other players in Aetheria can be done in a PvP arena or via Guild Wars. Combat is fast and requires quick reflexes to destroy your foes. Crafting Crafting is an important focus in Aetheria. Some of the most powerful weapons and armor can only be crafted. Crafting also is highly integrated into the progression of the storyline. Costumes Costumes in Aetheria allow you to override the appearance of any of your current armor or weapons with any other piece of gear in the game. Customize away! Familiars Each class and specialization in Aetheria has a unique familiar which can be summoned to fight beside you in battle against other players or monsters. Other Features Include Quests 1800+ Unique Items Trading Parties Guilds Guild Wars Spells Talent Trees 5 Combat Classes with 2 Specializations per Class Future Updates Auction House PvP Shop More Areas and Dungeons Increased Level Cap Join our Discord! Watch The Aetheria Trailer!
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