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Found 3 results

  1. Visual Basic 6 Legacy Game Engines A repository that contains ZIP archives of engines, including assets and binaries, and any available source code. How to use To download individual engines, click on their file and then click the "Raw" button on the page. Credits @PandaCoder for putting this repository together. Download GitHub
  2. Fan Club Nightwing

    No community board is ever complete without it's own corner of sinister mayhem! Now what would this corner be without it's equally estranged dweller(s), quite normally crazed over the musings of life as defined at the very rainbowy fringes of psychosis! Bwahahahaha! Everyone should join me, on my conquest to prove that life is a videogame, and that robin is the DM/GM of said reality. Note: My love for @Robin is a mechanical one, quite similar to the negative connotation behind the phrase "keyboard warrior", and KNOWS NO BOUNDS (minus the keyboard)! Time hath not faded thine glory, nor thy excellence in the field of logic and circuitry. Exalted are thy words, as I blah blah some blah blah, and stuff. This is what i do when I'm bored gais, I love @Robin ;~; , favorite past time EVER! Also, let me have a minute to burry the old thread, very unceremoniously like ~ RIP ~ The End.
  3. Crystalshire A free-to-play ORPG created using Eclipse Origins About Crystalshire Crystalshire was developed in 2011 using the Eclipse Origins open-source ORPG engine. It went through several iterations before being taken down in 2014. How to use This was not designed to be an open-source project. The source is being released for educational purposes. I would not suggest using this in a production game. The repository also doesn't include any of the non-code assets used by the game. As such, you'll need to use your own instead. If you're serious, you can check out the various tutorials and guides available for the Eclipse Origins engine: Eclipse Origins on Github They should help get you started, but everything else you'll need to figure out by reading the code. Screenshots GitHub Fixed Source