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  1. sythmanG

    Just Some Suggestions

    Can you guys add this /ignore if some of this was already suggested. When clicking somewhere on the map or cast a spell, the sprite should automatic turn into the direction of the target / mouse. Global Skill CD: allowing us to make skills that add a Cooldown to other skills. Allow Using Friendly Spells at "Save Zones" on other players. AOE mark (when cast an AOE spell you can visible see a red circle on the ground) locked Equipment slots that can only changed by events and not shown at the inventory. (can be used for story quests, for example a slave collar, this would also allow an event based character customization system) EXP Boosts (for events and that stuff) Unlearn Skills on a certain level in order to learn stronger versions of the same skill (yeah i know this could be done by events, but still) More control for stat points. (from lvl 1-10 earn 1 point each level, lvl 10-20 earn 2....) better targeting for big sprites ok thats all so far. thanks for reading.
  2. sythmanG

    prevent outdated Client to connect

    got it. thx! makes sense. Im not used to that convenience.
  3. Is it possible? Can I somehow prevent users from connecting to the game server if the Client is on an old version? I know that there is an updater. but users could still run the exe instead of the updater. Maybe im just blind but haven't found a way to set an version number. thanks
  4. Hello. im new here (sorry if this was already asked) How can I change the Text at character creation (Male/Female), or is it possible to remove one of them. (i only need female) thanks!