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  1. lokize

    Orion+ 2.0

    Fullscreen in this engine it would be perfect
  2. lokize

    [Paid] Revangale's Pixel Shop

    see this, you can help?
  3. any way to drop itens only in pvp?
  4. any way to fullscreen?
  5. lokize

    [VB.NET] Game Info and Player Level

    any screenshot of this?
  6. lokize

    Orion+ 2.0

    hi, this engine have a pvp system?
  7. I want to recreate the first mmorpg online already done, Taewool Slayers Online (similar to the ultima online but a thousand times better), I have the old installer of it and also the akuma demon spawn game base on which it was made, I will post some images and I need of someone who makes the characters of the game and sprites for maps if possible also the interface, paid service please contact for values! PS: In Akuma Demon Spawn base game and Slayers installer contain some images and sounds... Maps of game available in base game with extension *.map* and images *.cos* Images links: https://ibb.co/kSX3Yo https://ibb.co/nNjveT https://ibb.co/gMOXR8 https://ibb.co/jpm8zT https://ibb.co/n3HRm8 https://ibb.co/d4wK68 Video Links: