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  1. NewWun

    PaperDoll Options

    Is there a way to have paperdoll color options for one item instead of having to make items for all of them?
  2. NewWun

    Item types

    Is it possible to add more?
  3. NewWun

    Chat box question

    Is there a way to have it show in the chat box when something is done like picked up or dropped a weapon, exp received etc etc?
  4. NewWun

    Global Switch & Variables

    Do anyone know why i try to make on to reset a open chest it doesn't work but it work's when i use it as a player switch?
  5. NewWun

    Random Items

    Is there anyway to make quest or treasure chest give out random items instead of the one's i pick?
  6. NewWun

    Admin right click warp

    Do anyone know if it's a way for me to add a sound & graphic effect when ever it's used? And can i give a event a colored name?
  7. NewWun

    Login info

    Do anyone know how to erase my login info for when i send the game to friends?
  8. NewWun

    Game Updater

    Do anyone know why it say cannot find root element when i run the updater?
  9. When it downloads update's it seem to erase some files for me