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  1. NEED TUTORIALS Projectile Animation

  2. Hey help me pliz

    cast spell and coodown spell no save

    and classe speels itens deleted no save

    1. Yanz


      I'm in trouble to use spells too, try to find a tutorial or Question Answered, but didn't found. I don't know why i put the spell in a class but don't appear in spell book, and i cant cast =(


      Any tips on Spells? For real, i tried to find something =/

    2. Crest


      You're probably better off creating threads for your questions and not bothering admins through their statuses.

    3. Kibbelz


      This @JimmyJumpdrive. Make a thread and myself or another user will help.

  3. Bugs Spells

    client 3.1 Cooldow Spell no save=0 Min:100 accpt >save cast time spell no save =0 Min :100 accpt >save add spell classes add save ok ? i open spell classes is deleted... bugs spells
  4. Help animation editor

    Help me please My spells are turning upside down How much do I use? What do I do to keep my spells in the same possession as ever?
  5. Scipts Class Show my items

    help me please How do I make my script show my character equipping items in the body Type >> body without items without hat, how much equipped it is shown in the doll