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2 minutes ago, SkywardRiver said:

Well of course a writer's opinion seeps through. I just think it's silly to automatically assume it's all programming to make you think a certain way. If you don't let it affect you, it won't.

It is programming. Everything gets screened by the BBC before it gets aired to the public, if it doesn't support a specific viewpoint or agenda, it doesn't make it. The BBC doesn't need to focus on programs that pull in ratings- they get their money via television license tax which is compulsory in the UK for every home with a TV and computer monitor.

The BBC is notoriously far left and puts out media to represent this. Correct, if you are aware of it, then you can lessen it's effect and be more tolerant to it but over-consumption will still affect someone who consumes enough of it.


Anyway, this isn't really appropriate for this forum. If you want to talk about it more, I'm willing to discuss further on My username there is Kemori.

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