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Tips for meeeee

Sekiguchi Okitsugu

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Hi people!

I'm going to attempt to create a full-series manga. Not sure if I'm going to publish it, but anyway...

So I'm wondering if any of you have any tips to help me create this. The type of tips I'm looking for are:

  • How I can make a good story line
  • What must I do to make the panels exciting instead of sloppy
  • How to not give up
  • How I can make a proper script
  • etc


Any help is appreciated!:P


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@Sekiguchi Okitsugu My main tip is keep on doing it even when you can't be bothered too or you think it's going badly keep on working and also to make it less thankless show other people, get their critique and improve. More on the drawing side of things however there are a few styles of drawing manga I believe (like shading and line thickness and stuff) maybe look into that and look at any manga you own and try to build it on a style you like, cutting the least corners. Also just a suggestion but studio ghibli released a free open source version of their software a while back that is slightly dumbed down called OpenToonz maybe give that a try. https://opentoonz.github.io/e/download/opentoonz.html 

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