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Sustainable Chlorine Production?


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Howdy all


At work, as a Civil Engineer, we have a complicated situation.


We've got a bunch of buildings built on the side of a clayey hill. Any rainwater that goes into the ground, known as Grey Water, can't really go anywhere. Right now it's being redirected and put into giant underground cellular storage, but we've not really got anywhere to put it. We can't put it straight into the sewers because the local authorities get pissy about dumping non-waste inconvenient natural water into waste water outlets.


I've come up with the idea of recycling it into the houses via pumps and loopholing the system so it gets used in house usage - sinks, toilets, washing machines, showers, etc.


Problem being that it's called "Grey Water" for a reason; any faeces, dead things and anything inbetween get soaked into that water. So naturally you could limit it to toilets, but unfortunately, for example Legionnaires Disease, some diseases in water and only infected upon a person by contact via breathing, not consumption.


So - how can we consume dirty water? We clean it. The main one that comes to mind is Chlorine. Mix that with the tank of grey water and theoretically you've got clean water, disease free.


The problem is... how do we create a self-sustaining source of Chlorine?


My first idea was via Membrane Cell Electrolysis.



Diagram: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chloralkali_membrane.svg



Salt and water goes into; shake it up with a bit of Electrolysis and you've got waste products and Chlorine... but that's not self-sustaining, as it requires a supply of salt.


So, any nerds out there know of any equally potent water-cleansers, sustainable production of Chlorine, or both?

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