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Fallen London


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Fallen London is a story based primarily text choose your own adventure style game set in Victorian London that allows you to design your character,change location and unlock certain pets and homes which can range from helping a stray dog to making deals with the devil or helping a widow and getting free housing in return however these all entirely depend on your stats. You also have sub stats such as your standing with demons, your standing with locations and your standing with certain classes, along the way you will unlock new abilities and items which will be able to help you and the game is constantly updated with new scenarios and actions and stats.


 http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/ (the picture above is pre hd overhaul and all the sprites have been remade and more paths and stats have been added)



  • At the start of the game you will choose your play style,gender and portrait
  • You will then get generated a list of events
  • Gold bordered cards mean that they require souls to play (you start off with a few and can buy or earn more)
  • Your stats will determine your chance of success on different events
  • You can also draw 2 or 3 (depending on the game stage) cards with advanced/special events that will come back every 5 minutes
  • These will be mostly the same as gold cards
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