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Hello/Good evening everyone,


I present to you the new browser extension for Chromium-based browsers only at the moment.


Nowadays, Twitch is flooded with streamers producing adult-oriented content with sexual themes and much more. Thanks to Twitch Blocker, you can now use Twitch without worrying about encountering such content.

Help us expand our global database by reporting streamers producing sexually themed content on Twitch. This database lists the URL of each unwanted channel focused on sexual themes and more, and it is accessible online, allowing you to stay updated.


The extension will soon be available for everyone; it is currently in private testing. Those who want to test it can reply that they are interested! Others will have to wait a little longer!

If you're interested, you can respond to the post, and I will send you a private message, or you can come directly to private messaging.

Current Version: 1.3

Number of channels blocked by the extension:

As of 01/20/2024, 121 Twitch channels have been blocked by the extension and its global blocklist.

Latest Updates:

Added translations to context menus,
Various corrections.

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