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Hello everyone !


For several months, Intersect has now requested the use of HTTPS to be able to use the Intersect API for your website or other existing management applications (such as: Intersect Tools, Intersect Management, Admin Tool or Intersect CMS).


So I created a small script which will allow you to use your server and its API from outside, using the script itself is simple, generating the SSL certificate and the key is something else, but you can easily find your answers from Google or even ChatGPT.


You need to have Nodejs and your Intersect server installed on your machine (Windows, Linux) of course. You need also generate a SSL files (certificat.pem and private-key.pem).

Replace the data in the .env file with yours and then launch the script with "node index" and your api is ready to use. You can see more detail in the Github repository, if you have some question, answer below, or use private messages.

And.. you can download the script here https://github.com/Intersect-Connect/intersect-proxy/releases/tag/1.0.0

Enjoy for your next possibility !

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