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Question about the "weapon" equipment slot


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Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create another equipment slot for a weapon, but with all the weapon characteristics.

I mean, that this slot also has the speed increase, the type of tool and more...



I know that in config.json I can select which slot is for a weapon. but can i add another slot?




for example something like "WeaponSlot": [2 , 20]


I know that the example does not work and probably does not have logic, but it is to represent what I want


Note: this post has been translated from Spanish to English with google translator, I apologize if there are errors.

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You are going to have to hard code it in. I can explain how but It will be easier to know why you will need to do this first. Obviously having 2 weapon slots is going to cause huge conflicts. If you have 2 weapons attach your client is going to crash because it won't know which data to use. Like if you have 2 animations set for two different weapons and you got them both equipped, the client is going to get confused. If you want to pull one property from the weapon slot then it will work. For example. I wanted to have the shield slot determine the projectile and not the weapon slot so I took that property away from the weapon slot and placed it on the shield slot so there wouldn't be any conflicts. Now I have an archer class which the bow(weapon slot) determines the attack animation and the arrows(shield slot) determines the projectile.

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