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Dumb Question / Help for finding PBN Files When Build Completes


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Just as the titles states, when loading the 0.7.2.x source via github in a cloned resp or by pointing VS 2019 to the local project file and rebuilding the solution, it seems to not generate a build folder with the needed .pbn files to run the game.


This is likely me not knowing how to use VS correctly, but any help pointing me in the right direction would be epic!

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If your looking for the build files they are located in your build location under:


Client - Intersect.Client/bin/Debug/net462

Editor - Intersect.Editor/bin/Debug/net462

Server - Intersect.Server/bin/Debug/net462

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Okay thank you for the confirmation on that! I just copied the new .exes since it did not generate any .pbn files and the client  and server came up fine using the old .pbns. Do you possibly know why this would occur or how VS knows when to generate new .pbn's when necessary?

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