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Ingredients Issue


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Hello All, 
   I recently started playing around with this engine and noticed an issue I can't seem to figure out. I setup some items, crafts, and a crafting table. Everything works great except when crafting only 1 ingredient shows up in the crafting UI. I have an item that requires 2 ingredients, and it only shows players 1 of them. It does however require the second item as it won't let them craft without it. It just doesn't show so they have to guess what it is. I have not made any custom changes to the engine. Image attached. Item requires Iron and Wood yet only the Iron Ingot shows in the Requires section. Anyone know what my issue may be? Thanks. 


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3 hours ago, Arufonsu said:

Hello there, i've noticed this behavior recently too, please file a bug report here with these details and the screenshot you've provided here, also: if you can show us how to reproduce the issue with a short video, even better!

Thanks, I will make a video as soon as i get a chance. I just tried another fresh install and it does the same thing.

Steps I take:

Create 3 Items, Ore, wood, and weapon.

Create new Craft for weapon with 1x Ore and 1 x wood as ingredients.

Create crafting table with the weapon in it. 

Create an event to open the crafting table on collide.

Crafting table opens and under requires it only shows the ingredient you added last. 

If I swap the order of the ingredients it swap to showing the other one. As in if I add the wood to the ingredients last, it shows only wood in the requirements field. If I add the ore last, it shows only the ore. 


I will get a video and these steps added to the link you provided. Thanks
Link to Bug report if anyone else is having this issue that can verify it or add additional information: bug: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1728

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