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Help with modifying create_character_window



Hello all, first thing, thanks all the team for your hard work. I'm here because i want to modify the create_character_window, i explain myself. I've seen this about what i want to do :

Character hair customization (+ basics for expansion) - Source Modifications - Ascension Game Dev


But that's not what i want to do, i mean i don't need the system to be usable in game, only when the player create his character. 

I want to get rid of gender selection and replace it by ethnic selection (5 choices possible).

If possible i want to modify the character sprite part, by adding 3 categories (basically hair, eyes, corpse/fur) which the player could change to give more customisation options.

I know that graphics changes are done with the create_character_window.json file and find in the source code the part i need to modify :

Intersect-Engine/CreateCharacterWindow.cs at main · AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine (github.com)


My question is, is anything else to modify after or not ? I don't want someone doing the thing for me but if anyone could explain me how to do things right it would be appreciated ^^. Have a good day or night.

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