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Contributor Redefined!


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Following the original announcement by Irokasier I wanted to follow up and make a clearer definition of what we will call a contributor. First and foremost this is a simple way for us to recognize members who are supportive to the community, for the recognition you are rewarded with a gold name like jcsnider

This group is just a simple reward for our members who are constantly contributing to our site, but it must be earned.

Here are the conditions on becoming a contributor:

    [*]Contribute over time. Large contributions are great but we want to reward those who are always contributing.

    [*]You contribute in one or many ways ranging from GitHub pull requests, posting source tutorials, posting resources, answering questions and more!

    [*]Donate to our site. Help us maintain the costs of hosting and you will be rewarded access to this group.

    In order to hold our contributors to high standards, the contributor group is temporary and must be earned over time.

      [*]When you request the group, the admin or mod uses their own judgement to assign you for one to three months.

      [*]When time has expired you can reapply immediately, but it will be decided based upon recent contributions or lack thereof.

      [*]These conditions do not apply to donators, anyone that helps us financially will forever be considered a contributor.

      If you would like to apply to become a contributor feel free to send a PM to anyone below.





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