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How to increase max spell count?



Hey there, 


I would like to know how to increase the max spell count.

I tried to change this variable in PlayerOptions.cs: 



        /// <summary>
        /// Number of spell slots a player has.
        /// </summary>
        public int MaxSpells = 100;


I already set MaxSpells to 100, but if I try to cast a Spell like this:



        private static void TimerCallback(Object o)
            if (Globals.LoggedIn == true) {
               // PacketSender.SendChatMsg("Test", 0);
                PacketSender.SendUseSpell(35, Guid.Empty); //Last Slot + 1


I get kicked by the Server. If I set it to 34, the last skill gets casted.

I don't need the Skill-Menu, so it's not a big deal to not see the Skill in the menu because it's index is more than 34.


So how to cast a Skill above the maximum Skill Count?

In the database Player_Spells I can see, that I only have 35 Skills learned, even If I learned more ingame by event.

So that will be the reason for the kick. Now I would love to know how to increase the amount.


Thank you and have a great day! :-)

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