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Guild variable and conditions...



Well, I'm testing a Guild system with common events and here's a question:


To create a guild you must have a player variable in string mode for the event "create guild" call the variable and create the guild with the correct name.

I noticed that when inviting someone to the guild, the variable "guild name" of the invited player, does not change to the guild name, so the player is in the guild but the guild name variable is not set.


There's how create a "Conditional Branch" with guild name, or when someone accept the guild invite the "guild name" variable turns to the name of the guild that he accepted?

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On 4/27/2022 at 4:47 AM, Castiel said:

@goulcode, I don't really know English, but I hope I understood you correctly and my answer will help you.

Veriable Editor -> https://imgur.com/a/Vq94pZM

Events -> https://imgur.com/a/Nam0tyn



Wow, it was a long time, but thank you @Castiel. In fact it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I found a solution, so I'm going to answer this topic again because it might be useful for someone!


What I was trying to do is, when a player joins a guild, the user variable "guildName" gets the value of the guild name.


For this I created two variables:

  • User variable: guildName
  • guild variable: guildName.


  1. The user variable guildName is used for the owner input the value that will be de guild name.
  2. When the guild is successfully created, the guild variable gets the value that the owner has inserted.
  3. Every time a user enters the guild, the user variable (that is null for all the new members except for the owner) receives the value of the guild variable (the reverse of the creation process).


This way it is possible to make conditions with the specific guild name for the player.

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