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I was a F2P pure back in 2008-2010, and had maxed out most of my Skills.  I would have been able to max out the other ones within a year, except for Prayer.  It is impossible to get Prayer up to Level 99 in F2P.  I did the math, and it would have taken me 7-14 years to max it out, playing all day every single day.  That's ridiculous!  I got bored with the game and started playing Second Life.  Around 3-6 months later, I found out that my RuneScape account had been hacked and that all my stats were deleted, even though I never used bots or macros, shared my account, used a public computer, or broke any rules.


I had my own clan in Runescape, but it was a very small one consisting of only 10-12 regular members who all lived in the same time zone.  We would play Clan Wars every Friday evening around 6-9 PM EST.  I would take a picture after every Clan Wars event, but of course some of the players had to log off before I took the actual pictures.

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