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Running, character speed



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2 hours ago, Roshi said:

Engine Intersect

hey, i have a question is it possible for the character to run?


Is it possible to somehow change the default value of character movement?

Well there's a block function that is effectively useless for it's intended effect, does not mitigate dmg at all. It does however make you walk slower while "blocking"...  SO, if you find where that's being used, you could probably adjust whatever the speed modifier is and repurpose it. 


If you want something like stamina or anything, you'll have to probably do more significant source changes

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26 minutes ago, Vaiku said:

Cóż, jest funkcja blokowania, która jest praktycznie bezużyteczna ze względu na zamierzony efekt, w ogóle nie łagodzi dmg. Powoduje to jednak, że poruszasz się wolniej podczas „blokowania”… Więc jeśli znajdziesz, gdzie to jest używane, prawdopodobnie możesz dostosować dowolny modyfikator prędkości i zmienić jego przeznaczenie. 


Jeśli chcesz czegoś takiego jak wytrzymałość lub cokolwiek, prawdopodobnie będziesz musiał dokonać bardziej znaczących zmian w źródłach

My point is to make the character move faster 😀

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alright so the formula that looks at BlockingSlow is written so it can actually only add time; I tried a few different things with it but for some reason I wasn't able to have much success with re-purposing the BlockingSlow int.

I just replaced the formula altogether with one that is the same as the normal move speed multiplied by 0.75. You have to do it in both the client and server entity.xs. This is what mine looks like now:

However, in the midst of all that, my block now has decided to throw in the attack animation at the end of blocking for some reason (doesn't send an attack, just the animation) so I have to figure that out... 

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